Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’: Here’s All That’s Fixed with the New Update

People who have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its multiplayer modes in the last couple of weeks know now that there are some issues there. However, it seems that the developer of the game, Infinity Ward has listened to our feedback, and has addressed some of them in the first major patch of the game.

The biggest change coming for players is battlechatter, which was being removed from the one-life modes. This means that the operator won’t keep yelling “CONTACT,” alerting every enemy in a 12-mile radius to your position. They won’t have a chance to lay down and attack you with an M4. Originally, it was meant to help player pay attention to their surroundings and them enemies when there was no map in the game, but honestly all it did was to kill you faster.

When it comes to noise and footsteps, well, this thing is fixed, too – it will be much quieter. You shouldn’t be heard when you try to attack someone. But what happens if you see that they’ve already planted a claymore and they are ready to attack you?

There’s another huge change – stun grenades which will now disable claymores for 3 seconds, which is a pleasant addition that should separate some of the tactical campers which are ruining all the fun.

Infinity Ward has posted the full patch updates on Reddit. They also solved some bugs which caused the crashes and the tweaking and the weapon balancing.

Ever since its release on the 25th of October, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has become one of the best-selling Call of Duty games of all time. It is also one of the fastest-selling games of this console generation.


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