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Can Patriot Funding Help You Through Gadget Season?

If you’re an Apple fan, Fall is gadget season. Even if you’re not, Fall is still gadget season. You just might not hear announcements from other companies being broadcast on your local and national news. You can love or hate Apple. If you are an enthusiast about something with a battery, plug, or computer chip, this is the time of year to use some of that good credit you have been cultivating.

It is not just about frivolous pursuits. Smartphones are necessities. So if you are one of those more responsible types who only upgrades their hardware every four years, this will be the time to upgrade. Unfortunately, smartphones routinely soar well past the $1,000 price point. You might need a little help footing a bill this time around, especially if you haven’t bought a new phone in 4 years. There will be sticker shock. And the budget might not be prepared for what is about to hit it.

Patriot Funding represents one example of the type of solution people have been using since the beginning of Covid lockdown in the Spring. Since then, people have needed extra financing to get equipment needed for working from home to online classrooms. It hasn’t been easy for anyone because no one saw coronavirus coming, and certainly not the economic disaster it has left in its wake. Patriot Funding reviews are high, which can be good to assure you when making big decisions.

Now that the Fall is upon us, we have a lot of decisions to make about a lot of looming upgrades. Here is what you need to know:

5G Is Coming

Apple is set to announce and launch the iPhone 12 in as many as four different varieties. Some rumors have them all getting 5G, with the most expensive one getting millimeter wave. You will probably have a little extra time to plan your upgrade as Apple has already confirmed that iPhones will be delayed by a few weeks. October is the most likely time for release.

Samsung has taken another swing at their flagship folding phone If you had your eye on this type of phone but was disappointed by what was on offer last year, reviewers are very bullish on the new model. It addresses the flaws of their first attempt. Just be aware that this folding 5G wonder starts at $2,000. The Pixel 5G is a midrange phone that will come in at a much more budget-friendly price compared to the flagship products from Samsung and Apple.

Game Consoles

There has never been a better time for a little shameless escapism. This might be hard to believe, but game consoles have a 7-year lifespan these days. And it has been 7 years since the last major update to the PlayStation and Xbox. If the kids have been cooped up in the house all summer and are asking for a new game console, they actually have a case.

Make sure you leave a little room in the console budget. On October 16, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit could be the reason you finally buy a Nintendo Switch. With the help of AR, your house becomes a race track. It is not just something that is happening on screen, but it is also happening in the real world. There are kid-sized race cars that run the course in your living room, and wherever the space has been mapped out. It might just be the break-out hit of the holiday season.

Accessories galore

Forbes nails its colors to the mast by predicting the September Apple event will headline the Apple Watch and not the iPhone. We know very little about what to expect from the new wrist accessory. But we do know that Fitbit could have something to say about it. There are some real differences between the two platforms. And between the two of them, you are sure to find something in your size and budget that will track your steps and much more.

You can now pair your Amazon Echo with your AT&T phone number, turning your echo into a speakerphone. That might give you another reason to add a smart speaker to the mix.

What used to be dismissed as mere geek gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives. From business to pleasure, we can’t do without technology. The fact that you have had to deal with reduced hours does not reduce your need to keep your technology up to date. Whether it be through a loan or some other solution, you can’t afford to let this Fall’s tech lineup pass you by.



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