Coronavirus Infenction – There Might Be An Early Sign Of COVID-19

More than four hundred French dermatologists observed among their patients a possible new symptom for COVID-19 infection. Patients who experienced vasculitis on the tip of their fingers and who then…

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Endangered Ape Species Could Be Threatened By The Coronavirus

Humanity has been hard at work in recent weeks as the threat of COVID-19 has spread across the world, with more than one million active cases and thousands of deaths….

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Kombucha Tea Reportedly Has Many Health Benefits, But Not Scientifically Proven

Kombucha is a fermented tea, dating back from over 2.000 years ago, considered to be the perfect drink to preserve your beauty and to remain young. Nowadays, the public opinion…

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Cancer Imaging

New Cancer Imaging Network is Developed

Recently, the news about an integrated network for standardizing and validating the utilization of cutting-edge imaging techniques in medicine was unveiled. Such a method will be developed for the cancer…

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Pregnant Women Can Transmit COVID-19 To Their Babies

COVID-19 pandemic, due to the new coronavirus, has infected millions of people around the world ever since its outbreak, last November. Scientists have discovered that the virus spreads through different…

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