Haze Layers on Saturn are the Broadest Discovered So Far in the Solar System

Cassini spacecraft has captured some impressive images of Saturn that helped experts find the most extensive structure on haze layers in the Solar System. The high-resolution images collected by the…

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Water on Mars: New Study Identified Complex River System on the Red Planet

In recent years Mars has become an important focus for many space agencies and private companies across all over the world, as the Red Planet may play an important role…

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Dark Matter Particles Could be ‘Hiding’ in Already Existing Data

Dark matter has so far opposed every kind of detector created to find it. Due to its powerful gravitational mark in space, we know dark matter has to make up…

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human eyes

Human Eyes Clean Their Impurities As The Brain Does

The human eyes clean themselves, a new study says – in lab mice so far, but odds say that it is the same in humans. And if so, then it…

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tobacco plants

Scientists Use Tobacco Plants to Research Their Glowing Capabilities

Scientists have managed to successfully develop one of the brightest plants, from tobacco plants, which emit light as radiant as an alien flora. The plant was genetically engineered, and it…

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