Exoplanet Vanished Due To A Collision, As Per Recent Hubble Space Telescope Observations

A recently discovered exoplanet has vanished into thin air. Scientists are now claiming that the earth has not existed in the first place. Instead, the Hubble Space Telescope has registered…

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Star Orbiting Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Was Spotted

Recent observations made by ESO researchers were obtained while using the Very Large Telescope. The discovery is confirming Einstein’s theory since a star was spotted orbiting around a supermassive black…

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air pollution

Crawford Coal Caused Massive Air Pollution in Chicago

Photographers managed to immortalize the moment when an implosion occurred in Southwest Chicago, which caused a dense cloud of dust that covered the streets of Little Village and boosted air…

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sea creature

Longest Sea Creature Is Still Swimming In The Oceans

A 150-foot-long sea creature was recently found by underwater explorers. Their discovery is a unique translucent creature, whose unbelievable characteristics have never been seen up until now. The creature made…

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james webb space telescope

James Webb Space Telescope Will Dissect The Universe

James Webb Space Telescope is the most expected piece of astronomical future history. After its launch in 2021, it will do things that astronomers can’t wait. One of those things…

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