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Charles Darwin Was Wrong – Life Came from Deep-Sea Vents, and Not Shallow Pools

Scientists have talked about the first cells to evolve in the warm, shallow pools of water. There are entire theories. But now, we do not know for sure what is the truth.

There is a recent study that has come up with new pieces of evidence that life actually originates in the deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

Researchers recreated the self-assembling cells in an environment that is similar to the underwater vents, and they found out that heat, salt, and alkalinity did not stop the synthetic cell formation, it actually favored it.

Some similar vents are found on other planets, too, and experts believe that these findings will help us in finding life in faraway worlds.

Why was Charles Darwin wrong all this time?

Charles Darwin was actually the one to suggest that the warm pond theory is the right one for how the first primitive cells evolved. He said that the simple chemicals from the shallow and small bodies of water might form compounds in the presence of light, heat, or electricity from lightning.

However, new pieces of evidence come from University College London (UCL), which might be innovating. They created protocells, which are synthetic chemical particles that take control over cell-like structures in the alkaline, hot seawater. They made the difference between the shallow pools and the deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

There are so many theories out there with regards to where and how life started. This comes from Professor Nick Lane, the lead author of the study. The Underwater hydrothermal vents are the most promising locations when it comes to the beginning of life, and their findings add pieces of evidence to the theory.




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