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China’s ‘Disease X Virus’ Might Bring The End of Days For Humanity

China’s outbreak has been named Disease X by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It could erupt when we least expect, according to scientists. This disease is affecting thousands of people in China, and experts are expecting the worst. The illness is pneumonia that has no known origin, and it was first found on New Year’s Eve in Wuhan City in Hubei Province.

Starting with the 3rd of January, 59 patients have been reported to the World Health Organization by the authorities in China. Experts have already ruled out the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which infected 8000 people back in 2003.

Experts still need to do more investigations in order to determine the source and the mode of transmission.

How Can the Chinese ‘Disease X Virus’ Bring the End of Days

James Wilson is a pediatrician who helped in monitoring health security threats for 25 years now. He stated that “Disease X is one of the key health security risks in today’s world, and a priority for global monitoring.” This disease can destroy the humanity, wipe out the population as the Spanish Flu did, when it killed 5% of the global population, or as the Russian Flu did when it killed millions of Europeans.

Last year, the World Health Organization declared that Disease X is a substantial potential risk to life and that we should prioritize its research. Scientists have tried to research it, and they discovered two new viruses in Myanmarese bats.

The viruses take part from the coronavirus family – we know about it since it already caused two outbreaks in the world. One of them is SARS, and the other is MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and it has a 35% mortality rate. It was first found back in 2012.



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