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Chinese Tech Companies Form an Alliance to Fight Against Google Play Store

Google Play Store, the service used by Alphabet to sell applications and other types of digital content have not encountered, as of yet, any real menace to its distant-second-place state within an app store dominated by Apple.

However, the situation could soon follow another course. Reuters has reported on Thursday that Chinese tech giants, including Xiaomi, Huawei Technologies, Oppo, as well as Vivo, are partnering up to fight their easiest to access rival on the app store industry.

This new association is calling itself the Global Developer Service Alliance, or GDSA, and connects four companies that each come with one or more special attributes to the team. For instance, Xiaomi has established a powerful following in India. All the four members of the consortium are doing incredibly well in China, where Google Play Store and some Google services are banned. The aim of this alliance is, though, to remove the Google Play Store from Asian markets by targeting places such as India, Indonesia, as well as Russia, at first.

Having a Go at Google Play Store

Currently, there is nothing that impedes the GDSA to take a shot at Google Play Store, even in places in which the service is widely accessible. However, politics could probably become a factor in this equation as Huawei’s access to Alphabet’s intellectual assets was removed as part of a broad ban on sales of particular technologies to Chinese companies.

It is not clear yet whether the alliance plans to create a single app sales service, wants to assist each other with their individual developments, or do both.

While Alphabet does not provide a significant amount of information when it comes to its business, reports from Sensor Tower, the tech industry market research group nail Google Play Store’s 2019 revenue at $29.3 billion. The main part of the revenue is, however, shared with app developers, which leaves $8 billion worth of sales for the Alphabet’s main business in 2019.



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