Choose a Side and Defeat Your Enemies in the Strategy MMORPG The Third Age from R2 Games

In war, you must always choose a side. Whether you’re making a good or bad decision, in The Third Age, you’ll gain an ally while making a lot of enemies. But do not worry! With time and perseverance, your army will grow, your people will see you as the best leader they have ever known and your name will make history in The Third Age!

So What Is The Third Age?

R2 Games is known for launching many browser titles over the past few years. You may have heard of the famous game series League of Angels or Wartune, Dragon Awaken and Eternal Fury. Its latest titles include Survivor Legacy and Robot Tactics Online.

The Third Age (TTA) is a strategy MMORPG browser game that mixes high-fantasy lore with turn-based battles, including management of a realm and army, quests, achievements and so much more!

Choose a Hero

You can choose one of the many epic heroes and begin your adventure in TTA. The story-driven game offers character progression and an extended lore for you to follow as you look to defeat your foes.

Become Allies With a Nation

You will need to choose an ally from three nations. There’s the Watchmen’s Union, the Storm Empire, or the Blood Tribe, each nation having certain traits.

After you complete your tutorial that come through some starter quests, you will learn more about nations. Whatever you choose, the other two nations will be your enemies, meaning players from other nations can attack you!

Build Your Realm, Increase Resources

To have a big army, you will need to build your realm, expand it and keep a hold of plenty of resources as well. Enemies will try to attack you and steal those resources, but your army should be on alert at all times, close to your realm. Strike back and claim what it yours!

You can also attack others to gain more resources and expand your realm.

Learn more strategies and everything about The Third Age on You will see there are many tips on how to make your realm flourish, how to upgrade your hero and more.

The Third Age Is a Free-to-Play Browser Game

Like all free-to-play browser games, TTA contains in-game micro-transactions which are purely cosmetic and do not affect you progress in the game.

You may start playing The Third Age on the official website There’s also a Facebook page dedicated for the community in TTA, where the game announces all its updates and events – –

The Third Age Has Been Optimized for Html5

Last but not least, The Third Age is a Html5 game, along with the other titles from R2 Games. Some players may have been worried these games were still working on Flash. Considering Adobe will kill Flash this year, R2 Games has been optimizing its games for Html5, so you do not have to worry that your favorite games will no longer be available.

Head over to R2 Games to see all their free-to-play browser games:

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