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Chrome Will Start Labelling Slow Sites and Inform Users About Them

Those websites that load slowly because their code is done poorly could be marked by Google’s Chrome browser. Google has stated that they were working on several “speed badging” systems, which allow visitors to know the reason why a page is taking so long to load. The variations include text warnings and subtle signs to indicate that a site is slow. However, we have no official date of when this might start.

It is all about the code

In a blog post, Google stated that the project would help users understand when a site loads slowly, and which are the sites that deliver the fastest experience. It has been said that it was working on metrics which were able to see if sites are authored in any way, thing that made them slow. The oddities found on a website make it easier for developers to code pages, which makes them to appear slowly.

Moreover, pages are slow because they are waiting for responses coming from off-site resourced, like social media widgets, or ad networks, or codes that analyze their behavior. The indicators will include a simple text, saying “usually loads slowly,” or might change the color of a progress bar in order to announce the user that the page is lagging.

Chrome engineers stated that their plan is to find the sites that would get better with time and that this feature was designed to improve the way in which developers create the sites. They are cautious with this entire process, and they want to make the difference between a good site and a bad site in order to offer the best user experience out there. They want to make developers more careful.

The Google Chrome Browser is used by about 64% of the people who go online, which is why it is essential for the engineers to make this difference.





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