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Clash of Clans Creator Put Together a Q&A for Fans to Ask Anything About the Battle Pass

Just recently, in a GDC talk, Eino Joas, the game lead at Supercell, debated the development process that was in works for two years for the Clash of Clans Battle Pass. Typically, at the end of this kind of talk, there is the chance for a Q&A, but because the episode was pre-recorded and virtual, that was not possible this time.

However, Supercell still plans to include this section into their debates, so they are inviting people to take part in a Q&A with Eino. Whether you are an avid player of Clash of Clans, a game developer, or just love to listen to talks and ask questions about various business decisions regarding mobile games, you can send them through this Google Form. You’ll be able to submit up to two questions with this form.

The Q&A will be posted on Supercell’s YouTube channel on Friday, April 24th, where they will be answering the questions they will receive about the Battle Pass and other topics. If you’re not tied to asking a question but you’re still interested in the answers, this is the place you’ll find them.

If you still have to watch Eino’s talk and want to do so, you can find it on the GDC YouTube channel, or watch it below. In it, the game designer talks about the problems the title was experiencing back in 2017, the decision to release a Battle Pass, and the way the studio decided what it should include, among other stuff related to business.

Clash of Clans launched back in 2012 and has become one of the most popular games, keeping this title ever since. Still, being in the gaming industry for eight years practically makes you ancient, meaning that there’s a constant requirement to keep it fresh. Considering the gaming scene in the last few years, it is not surprising that the developers decided to implement a Battle Pass.



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