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Clash of Clans – How to Upgrade Your Heroes Effortlessly

​The popular Clash of Clans is one of the most played strategy mobile games all over the world. However, as pleasing and exciting it is, upgrading its heroes can be a painful process; but without upgrading them, you cannot enjoy the game to the fullest.

If you were delaying the upgrade of the heroes, now it is the right time to do it – just consider the guidelines we share below. You should keep in mind that while upgrading, you may face some downtime, but you can fix it with the right approach without losing anything.

So, here are our techniques required to upgrade your Clash of Clans​ heroes, as well as some tips to make use of.

Tips to Use When Upgrading Heroes in Clash of Clans

To make the upgrading process go smooth and without issues, here are some tips:

  • One of the best suggestions when upgrading your heroes in Clash of Clans​ is to make sure they are close in level so that you won’t encounter any issues.
  • Always keep one of them active and involved while upgrading others. This will help you complete your daily attack task, even if you’re not planning to take part in the war actively
  • Balance the level of your attacking and defending heroes. By leveling them closely, you’ll be more prone to win the war, while a gap between them may affect you negatively. 

How to Upgrade Heroes in Clash of Clans

Below we will share the best techniques to use to upgrade the Clash of Clans​ heroes while on both war and peace. So it is necessary to take part in war while upgrading the heroes?

Upgrade While at War

If you do not want to miss the clan wars even when upgrading your heroes, expect the process to go very slowly. Because you need a book to easily upgrade them, you can expect an upgrade every two weeks. However, it mainly depends on your clan – if it allows you to enter in a war while upgrading your heroes. But, as we mentioned, the process will be very slow in case you decide to go to war.

To upgrade your Barbarian King, you need to farm sufficient Dark Elixir, and to upgrade the Archer Queen, you are asked to use your book. These two heroes help you attack with a great deal of power so you can win the match.

The most important thing here is that the Archer Queen is the most vital asset in a war as it has some powerful attacking abilities. On the other hand, the Barbarian King is not that necessary, as his absence won’t affect your attack.

Skip the War

There’s a technique not many players know when it comes to upgrading heroes in little time. Simply avoid going to war while running the upgrade process. That doesn’t mean you have to skip it completely; just spend that time doing random stuff in the game.

If you do so for a week, rather than going to war, you’ll be able to upgrade at least three heroes in that time. Start with an upgrade of Dark Elixir, followed by the Barbarian King and Grand Warden – those three heroes will take seven days to upgrade if you do not play war in the meantime. After these heroes’ upgrades are completed, upgrade the Archer Queen by using books, which will speed up the process. 

Upgrade Your Battle Machine

After you upgrade the heroes, we recommend you to upgrade your battlefield next. That will highly boost your gameplay in such a way you’ll have the impression you’re playing in a new base with brand new heroes full of energy and enthusiasm.

The battle machine upgrade process is very easy compared to the heroes’ enhancement. Once you have these items updated, you’ll be boosted to level 5, and until the 10th level, your play will be relatively easy, with less damage taken. The battle machine upgrade will take up to two days, and while you grade it – if you skip the war – you can stack up on daily rewards, which you can enjoy later when playing the game with the heroes and battle machine upgraded.

Farm Your Dark Elixir

Just as important as the other upgrade processes, you need to always make sure to check your Dark Elixir inventory while upgrading; it is best if you save it and stock it up. You also need to consider the following things when spending the Dark Elixir in war:

  • You should always choose a strategy that doesn’t involve spending much Dark Elixir from your inventory while attacking in the in-game wars
  • The second most important thing to consider is when selecting the war base – make sure it is not taking too much of your Dark Elixir

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