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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 13 Priority Upgrades (Guide)

The highly anticipated “Winter Update” is just around the corner and veteran Clash of Clans players have already started making strategies about what buildings they should upgrade first and what troops have high-priority status. As many of you already know by now, the upcoming update introduces Town Hall 13. This upgrade is changing the entire meta of Clash of Clans. And if you want to stay ahead of the curve and get an advantage over your opponents, you need to pay attention to the clash of clans town hall 13 upgrade guide presented on the /r/ClashOfClans subreddit by the user “/u/gctan8”.

Town Hall 13 – Crucial Upgrades

First Week:

  1. Royal Champion level 1 > Royal Champion level 6
  2. AQ level 66
  3. Siege workshop level 4
  4. Lab -> book + rune -> warden level 41
  5. Clan Castle
  6. Scattershot #1 -> book + rune -> Scattershot #2
  7. Troop: Electro Dragon level 4

Weeks Two and Four:

  1. Royal Champion level 6 -> Royal Champion level 11
  2. AQ level 67 (use gem to skip timer) -> AQ level 70 -> Giga Inferno to max level
  3. Gold Storage -> DE Storage -> Elixir Storage
  4. Warden level 42 (use gem to skip timer) -> Get level 50
  5. BK level 66 -> level 70
  6. Scattershot level 2 -> Second Scattershot level 2

What resources you will need for the upgrades

You will need 30 million gold and 25 million elixirs. You also need 400K DE to finish the upgrades covered in this clash of clans town hall 13 upgrade guide. In addition, the goal of the upgrades is to have access to maxed-out heroes. This includes the Royal Champion in less than two months.

If you do this, you will demolish all enemies that dare to challenge you. On the downside of things, the first week will be difficult.

Post-upgrade considerations

After successfully upgrading to Town Hall 13, players should keep a few important considerations in mind to ensure they can fully take advantage of their new upgrades and continue progressing in the game. Some of these considerations include the following:

  • Adjusting base layout and defenses: With the new defenses and upgrades available at Town Hall 13, players may need to adjust their base layout and defenses to maximize their defensive capabilities. This may involve moving or upgrading existing buildings and adding new defensive structures like the Scattershot and the Royal Champion Altar.
  • Upgrading troops and spells: With new troops and spells, players will want to focus on upgrading these new units to take advantage of their unique abilities. For example, the Yeti is a powerful new ground troop that can deal massive damage in groups, while the Bat Spell can distract defenses and damage enemy buildings.
  • Adjusting attacking strategies: With the new troops and spells available at Town Hall 13, players may also need to adjust their attacking strategies to take advantage of these new units. For example, introducing the Yeti and the Siege Barracks can make ground-based attacks more viable, while the Electro Dragon and the Bat Spell can supplement air-based attacks.
  • Participating in clan wars and events: As with any level of Clash of Clans, players will want to continue participating in clan wars and events to earn resources and progress in the game. With the new upgrades available at Town Hall 13, players may be better equipped to participate in these activities. However, they will still need to work with their clan mates and employ smart strategies to achieve victory.


Overall, upgrading to Town Hall 13 is an important milestone in Clash of Clans. But it is only the beginning of a player’s journey. Players can continue to progress and build a powerful, successful base. They can do this by upgrading troops and defenses, adjusting attacking strategies, and participating in clan wars and events.



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