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Clash of Samsung Tablets: Galaxy Tab S6 vs. Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung wants to prove to the world that it can be majestic also when it comes to powerful tablets, not only for the smartphone market. The South Korean giant brought in 2019 two impressive tablets: Galaxy Tab S5e and Galaxy Tab S6, two devices that people can use successfully for work like web development, video editing, and so on.

Despite some people’s prejudices when it comes to tablets, there’s no telling when you may need such a gadget for both personal or business usage. They are used in highschools by teachers, in driving schools, construction sites, and so on.  And if they support connecting a physical keyboard, you practically can have a laptop at your disposal. But let’s analyze in the following rows two of Samsung’s most compelling tablets:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Released by Samsung in August 2019, the Tab S6 device runs on Android 9.0, and can be upgraded to Android 10 and Android One UI 2. The most notable aspects are the 7040mAh battery with 15W fast charging and the Super AMOLED display.

Besides easy tasks for tablets like text editing, playing videos, run some apps, or creating files with the .js extension, the Tab S6 device is also a good candidate for advanced gaming. Packing 6 to 8 GB of RAM, an octa-core Snapdragon 855 processor, 128GB or 256GB (depending on which one of the two versions you choose), the tablet should easily run most highly demanding games from the Play Store.

As for the cameras, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 tablet also packs impressive specs. The main camera is actually a dual camera setup built on the rear, which is capable of 13 MP wide and ultrawide, while there’s also a so-called ‘selfie-camera’ on the front: 8 MP. There’s also room for video recording, as the primary camera is capable of 4K filming, while the front camera can easily record videos in HD format.

Photos and videos made with the two camera setups of Tab S6 can be showcased on the 10.5-inch display capable of the 1600 x 2560 pixels resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is not cheap at all since it costs about 600 euros. However, nobody denies that it’s worth the money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Released by Samsung in April 2019, this gadget also has a generous battery and display as the highlights: 7040 mAh with 18W fast charging and Super AMOLED, respectively. The tablet runs on Android 9 Pie, without the possibility of upgrading to Android 10.

As for the rest of the specs, they’re not so high as the ones from Tab S6, but they can still allow the user to play some games on this tablet as well. Tab S5e comes in two versions of storage and RAM: 64 GB storage with 4GB of RAM, and the other one features 128GB of storage with 6 GB of RAM. The storage space is enough for pretty much any game from the Play Store, while you shouldn’t normally need more RAM for a tablet.

The only difference between the cameras of Tab S5e and the ones from Tab S6 is regarding the primary one. The main camera of Tab S5e is not dual, having 13 MP. There’s also a selfie camera mounted capable of 8 MP. Tab S5e’s main camera is also capable of video recording in 4K, which is great news. With the selfie camera, you can record videos only in HD format.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e sells for about 410 euros.

The conclusion

The two tablets have plenty of similarities like the same screen sizes and types, same resolutions, same battery life, pretty much the same camera capabilities, and more. But Tab S6 is superior for its dual camera, more RAM, more opportunities regarding the operating system, and so on. But the price difference can be considered a little bit exaggerated.

Galaxy Tab S6 is noticeably better than Tab S5e, but it might not be worth the price difference. You can still do plenty of exciting things with Tab S5e, but if you want better hardware specifications, Tab S6 is the right choice. The final decision is all yours.

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