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Clash of Video Calling Titans: WhatsApp vs. Viber – Which One is Better?

Video calling apps are facing a tremendous increase in usage during the coronavirus lockdown, and there’s no wonder why. Many people are preferring to communicate with each other virtually so that the exposure to the risk of COVID-19 infection will be drastically reduced. But yet another concern arises: what is the best video calling app?

Most people would place their bets on WhatsApp, as the service owned by Facebook has many interesting features. The end-to-end encryption must be the highlight. But their choice could also be due to the fact that the app is owned by Facebook. Viber is always a good alternative, and trying to find out which one of the two apps is better is a real tough challenge. However, let’s give it a try:

Video and voice quality

Both WhatsApp and Viber offer high quality when it comes to video and voice calling. Viber is well-known for offering voices that are crisp and clear in high-bandwidth connections. WhatsApp doesn’t fall short at all, so we can consider the result of this round as a draw.


WhatsApp clearly takes the cake at this chapter. The Facebook-owned app is free to download and use for both video calls and messaging. WhatsApp calling can contact phones from all over the world. The only costs appear if you exceed your data limit.

On the other side, Viber is not so generous. Although it costs nothing to download and install, you will be charged some low amounts of money when you call people that don’t use the app. Viber also requires the user to pay some money if he wants some decorative sticker packs.

The final conclusion is that we can’t say for sure which one of the two apps is better if we’re completely objective. Both apps offer high quality video calling, are mostly free, and they offer tons of compelling features. However, you can be subjective and choose either WhatsApp or Viber based on what your co-workers and friends are using.



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