Clash Royale’s Heal Spell Card Was Replaced With a More Powerful and Exciting One

Supercell Games has recently announced that it will be removing a card from the popular Clash Royale, for the first time ever. Fortunately, the Finnish gaming studio has also replaced the removed card with something else, something that sounds even better.

Ahead of the Season 10 launch, the Heal Spell got removed and replaced with a brand new card, the Heal Spirit. Supercell has earlier mentioned deleting the Heal Spell, and we now got to see the replacement, which sounds great.

The Heal Spirit is similar to the Ice Spirit, as per the report. It manages the same health, damage, and attack motion, but the only difference is that it leaves behind a massive healing area, dissimilar to the Ice Spirit.

As per the gaming studio, the healing produced by the Heal Spirit is more powerful than that done by the Heal Spell, as it has a 181 percent increase in total healing. The reason for the raise it that it occurs quickly and in a short explosion. The only downside here is that in order for the healing effect to take place, the Heal Spirit has to jump into an enemy.

Watch the trailer below:

There has been lots of arguing about the replacement of the Heal Spell and not only because almost no player used it. The new card is far more exciting as it enables more active gameplay than the old one. It asks for a bit more skill than the Heal Spell, as you have to know the perfect time to use it in order to get the healing effect, and also requires skill for the rival to try to block or redirect it.

Although the Heal Spell was removed, you won’t lose the progress you’ve made with it if you made any; rather, it will become the Heal Spirit card. The new card has been replaced on April 2nd, and it enabled players to get used to it before the Season 10 goes live on April 6th.

Supercell did also mention that they intend to replace other spells with spirits in the future.

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