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College Students Are Now Recreating Their Campuses in Minecraft

The day before the University of Pennsylvania, student were told about their online courses, Andrew Guo, junior, thought about an alternative. They could have a “Hey Day” and graduation inside Minecraft.

The “Penncraft” students started to recreate their campus, with all the food trucks, and the local structures in the game. Makarios Chung measured the dimensions of the buildings and the positions of the street in order to make sure that the scale was as accurate as possible. On the first day of construction, students talked for about an hour in order to decide the placement of one of the streets. They wanted to have a completed campus, especially the Locust Street so that graduating seniors would be able to walk down in the game since COVID-19 changed everyone’s plans.

Senior Nyazia Sajdah-Bey stated: “I’m the first in my family to graduate from college, so it wasn’t just my commencement, it was for the rest of my family too. I didn’t have the chance to properly mourn or, finish out my senior bucket list, say goodbye to my friends and teachers, so it’s really sweet working on the campus” Guo, Chung, and Sajdah-Bey are just some of all college students who feel the same about this situation.

Students from the Boston University, Northwestern University, and South Louisiana Community College have recently created Minecraft servers and shared their creations on Facebook and on Reddit. The servers were made for bringing students together and for recreating their college campuses. A lot of students are discussing the college servers, and the search for these servers has peaked in the last few weeks. University of La Verne’s debating team and the Bowdoin College’s men’s frisbee team have found a way to bond after their championships and practices were canceled due to the virus.




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