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Complete Details on Practice Tests to Get CompTIA A+ Certification

There’s no secret that the CompTIA A+ certification represents the foundation for many IT specialists who want to strengthen their position in the company they are working for. The learning process for this badge puts candidates in different scenarios and helps them develop the necessary skills that consolidate their expertise. But, before you get to this performance, you should be ready to pass two exams, Exam-Labs and 220-1002 respectively.

In this article, we will tell you more about the available training materials that you can use to strengthen your skills. Are practice tests enough to pass both exams? Keep reading and you will find out.

Training Materials to Get CompTIA A+ Accreditation

On the vendor’s website, you will find different preparation resources to help you pass the A+ tests. Depending on your studying preferences, you can choose between e-learning and training lab options.

In case you prefer the first resource, you will receive access to the CertMaster A+ learning package which includes different videos, flashcards, and two final 90-item assessments to help you develop the right skills to pass A+ 220-1002 & 220-1002. For example, for each of these two exams, you will be able to download 10 comprehensive lessons and at the end of each of them, you will find different sets of performance-based questions that will help you test your knowledge.

Also, you can get in touch with the CompTIA trainers and ask for their feedback on different exam questions. Their input is valuable as they will help you concentrate your training efforts in the right direction. Apart from these options, the CompTIA website also includes a countdown calendar to help you organize your training schedule or different images and videos to help you understand each topic better and faster.

The training lab option helps you develop more practical experience and get the passing score in 220-1002 assessment from the first try. This resource will help you become proficient in managing different workstations and users’ needs, and find immediate troubleshooting solutions to protect the company’s networking infrastructure. This training alternative will also help you develop various operating procedures and keep the operating systems in the best condition.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of practice tests. You should take them before registering for any of the exams necessary to obtain the CompTIA Certification credential. This preparation resource will help you understand better the tests’ structure and get used to their difficulty level. Reliable and updated practice tests can be found on such online platforms as ExamCollection, CompTIA Security+ Certification, and Exam-Labs. Using their practice tests will help you gain a competitive advantage over other exam-takers as you will have no surprises on the exam day.


The CompTIA A+ accreditation is the foundation step for many IT specialists. It will help you strengthen your troubleshooting and IT infrastructure management skills. Also, once you add this badge to your resume, your chances to get a higher-paid job increase significantly. Thus, you have all the reasons to Security+ SY0-501 both exams necessary to become certified. Apart from using the preparation materials available on the vendor’s website, you should use verified practice tests to get a better understanding of the structure and difficulty level of 220-1001 & 220-1002.



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