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Coronavirus Breakdown Makes the European Space Agency to Apply Travel Restrictions

The European Space Agency (ESA) has applied strict measures as the company deal with the influence of coronavirus. At ESA, 2,200 people are working, and thousands more come into contact with them frequently through research and other opportunities. Measures such as limited travel at ESA have now been performed due to the increase of coronavirus, according to ESA’s statement.

The illness has almost 100,000 cases reported globally, including more than 4,000 cases in Italy. While many people recovered from the coronavirus, approximately 3,500 death have been recorded worldwide.

The European Space Agency Takes Measures Against Coronavirus

“Each and every one of us…must act responsibly to help counteract the coronavirus, including through minimizing travel, avoiding events attended by many people, washing our hands regularly and finally contacting a doctor immediately in the event that we develop the by now well-known symptoms,” explained Johann-Dietrich Worner, the director-general.

Also, people infected with coronavirus usually have flu-like symptoms, such as respiratory troubles, fever, and cough, according to the World Health Organization. More extreme cases can conduct problems such as kidney failure or pneumonia. Worner stated that the hyperlinked nature of our world displays, generally, a “fertile breeding ground for the global spread os such a virus.”

Even ESA has got its issues with stopping the extent of the virus. Such a thing mainly happened because ESA operations always require gatherings of people.

The European Space Agency’s Plans

ESA got another significant project to work through fast amid the spread of coronavirus. Soon, officials from the space agency will meet with Roscosmos, the Russian space agency. They need to decide upon whether to liftoff the ExoMars rover this summer, as discussed before.

The Rosalind Franklin rover has encountered some obstacles to its development, such as issues in connecting the rover’s solar panels. It also failed repeatedly at parachute tests. If the project must be delayed, the project will require to wait approximately 26 months.

ESA needs to be sure that our planet and the Red Planet are close enough in their particular orbits to liftoff a spaceship to our Mars.



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