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Coronavirus Carrier Might Get Sentenced in Jail in Singapore

Recently, a Chinese civil who contracted the deadly virus has been charged in Singapore by authorities. He offered false information about his location in the city. He could get sentenced for up to six months in jail.

Singapore succeeded until now to face the Coronavirus, performing the most fastidious action in tackling the virus. Such a thing include security cameras and police investigators t help found the suspect carriers. The significant island state, which is also one of the biggest regional financial centers, and it has announced and confirmed 91 cases.

Charges Under the Infectious Disease Act

The Health Ministry recently stated that it had charged a 38-year-old man from Wuhan. He came from the Chinese region, where the Coronavirus first occurred last year. His wife was, who resides in Singapore, was also charged for offering false information to authorities about their actions for contact tracing. The man had been confirmed to contracted the virus last month and has since recovered. As for his wife, she has been put in quarantine because of her close contact with her husband.

Moreover, the Health Ministry explained that “detailed investigations” had established their precise movements. Also, they were charged “given the potentially serious repercussions of the false information; and the risk they could have posed to public health.” But, charges under the Infectious Diseases Act are usually rare, and this happening represents the first case during the deadly virus breakdown in Singapore.

Another case involves a 45-year-old man who lost his residency status after declining to comply with an order to remained at home for 14 days when he came back from China. The region, known already for its strict laws, has also restricted work passes and cease employers’ rights to hire people from other areas for violations of other virus prevention measures.



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