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Coronavirus COVID-19 Continues to Spread Across the World

The new coronavirus, or COVID-19 as the current strain has been named, continues to spread across the world as new cases are discovered each day. New cases have surfaced in regions like Bahrain, Oman, and Iraq. Some countries have started to impose harsh rules in an attempt to prevent a potential epidemic, while outbreaks in South Korea and Japan lead to more panic.

A team of researchers has created advance models that infer that more cases will be uncovered as more than 66% of the cases that have been caused by people who came from China haven’t been detected at this point.

Despite the current situation, the World Health Organization continues to avoid the word pandemic, with several epidemics being present in select parts of the world. Many scientists have stated that the period for containment has passed as botched quarantines and people who wanted to reach some countries at all costs have contributed to the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, is threatening the American lifestyle

One of the employees who are responsible for the coronavirus response teams operated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America has stated that the virus may disrupt the current lifestyle of the U.S. population.

Until now, many space agencies have focused on containment strategies that sought to slow the spread of the virus to other people. However, travel restrictions won’t be too effective if the virus is already present in several countries, and more efforts should target the limitation of outbreaks and reductions of negative impacts.

The development of an efficient vaccine that should be distributed among the population should be a primary priority since it will be the best way to limit the spread of the virus among communities with high population counts. Most of the current coronavirus cases are located in China, and more than 2705 people have died due to other medical complications after they were infected.



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