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Coronavirus Horror – Dead Man Lies on the Streets of Wuhan, China

Coronavirus is making more and more victims in China. The image of an older man lying dead on the streets of Wuhan could be enough proof of the crisis that exists today.

The man who appeared to be in his 60s was found lying on the ground on a street that would usually be packed with people; however, no one risked going near him. Wuhan is a city under quarantine and holds the homes of 11 million people.

Journalists from Agence France-Presse took the image of the dead man found on Thursday morning. Shortly afterward, the photo was taken, a team of emergency workers came to the scene to clear the area.

The cause of death of the older man is yet to be determined, according to AFP. However, some of the people that were present at the scene believe that is due to the coronavirus and judging by the medical staff in hazmat suits and the way the whole thing was handled; it could as well be the truth. AFP team of journalists tried to find out more details from the police in Wuhan but with no result.

The Coronavirus Horror Story

“It’s terrible. These days many people have died,” said a woman at the scene believing that the man died because of the virus.

Coronavirus comes from the wild animals that, after transmitted to humans at a city market, making Wuhan the center of the virus outbreak. The vicious virus took the life of 159 people in the industrial city alone.

The virus was discovered last year, and the statistics show that about 213 lives were lost due to it, and it spread throughout China infecting thousands of citizens.

The World Health Organization has declared the crisis a global health emergency to prevent the virus from spreading and inform everyone of the symptoms as well as actions that should be taken in the unfortunate case.



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