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Coronavirus Might Originate From America According to a Chinese Conspiracy Theory

The deadly coronavirus could’ve been mistaken for influenza by American authorities, according to a recent Chinese media report. Since the beginning of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) breakdown, which has now increased to infect 70,000 people and brought death for over 2,000, the Chinese authorities have tried to divert attention away from the pressure by relating it to the American flu season.

Some reports indicate that influenza has killed over 16,000 people, only this year, and is more dangerous than the coronavirus. The Chinese conspiracy, however, risen, and theories suggest that it might be the coronavirus from the very first start.

American Influenza Might Have Been The Coronavirus Covid-19

Some Chinese consider that Americans who lost their lives because of the flu might have unknowingly become contaminated with the fatal Covid-19 – which they declare is increasing unobserved on the US territory. Other reports, on the other hand, are harsher and blame the infected Americans to be the ones who brought the illness to China.

Such speculations and information, however, comes at a moment when the US authorities have started some tests on people with influenza-like symptoms for the deadly coronavirus. Right now, in the US, 414 people were tested for Wuhan coronavirus, with 14 proved to be infected.

Coronavirus Might Be Out of Control

Some analysts think the range of the coronavirus breakdown might be more extensive than currently declared. Besides the approximately 77,600 cases announced in China, the coronavirus has grown to infect 43 in Iran, 155 in Italy, and 602 in South Korea. Those cases on the Iran territory are especially odd because the death toll doesn’t appear to match the number of declared cases.

Despite only 43 announced circumstances in Iran, 8 Iranian lost their lives from the Wuhan coronavirus. Comparing those facts, there are 1,343 reported infections in the Guangdong, China, but only 6 people have died. Such a high rate in Iran only indicates the coronavirus could already be expanding uncontrollably in the country.



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