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Coronavirus Outbreak — Cities and Countries Mapped by Researchers with High-Risk

While the coronavirus outbreak has taken a big salt in spreading in China and worldwide, the researchers from the University of Southampton are mapping the cities from China and the countries worldwide.

They have identified the places with high-risk of infection with the coronavirus (2019-nCoV), and made a top list of each city from China and all around the world. The report is showing Bangkok from Thailand being the top one city with a high risk of infection and the spread of the virus. The study is based on the air travelers who visit each city and country.

Based on the numbers of air travelers in each place of the world, the scientist identified Bangkok being number one on the list. In Thailand are arriving a lot of individuals from the affected cities from China. Second, on the high-risk list is Hong Kong from China, followed in the third place by Taipei from Taiwan. In the case of New York, Sydney, or London, they are occupying positions like 19th for, 12th, or 16th. But the list is long and going at 30 places on the top.

Coronavirus Outbreak Is Going Global

Moreover, the scientists from the University’s WorldPop are saying that we find the cities and countries with high-risk in a place like Thailand being number one, Japan, being the second, Hong Kong, the third, and the USA is on the 6th place, followed by Australia on 10th and the UK on 17th.

However, the situation in China is not good at all, because cities like Beijing, Guangzhou Shanghai, or Chongqing are now in a higher-risk than ever. Besides these cities, China has the provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Henan, potentially affected by the virus.

Finally, even if the researchers have done the study based on the non-outbreak travelers, they have used patterns of the people who are traveling worldwide. The idea of this study is to monitor the epidemic closely because the virus is helped by us while traveling. So if we are confronting a fast-moving illness, then the top 30 list of high-risk countries and cities will have more value than we think.



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