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Coronavirus Vaccine Is Near As Scientists Created The 3D Atomic-scale Map for Covid-19

Scientists took a step further in finding a cure for the virus that put the whole globe in a frenzy mood. Hopefully, they will soon discover the coronavirus vaccine. The first 3D atomic-scale map was finally created, taking scientists further in their research to save the lives of millions of people. The map relates the component of the Covid-19 virus, which attaches itself to human cells.

So far, the virus exceeding in infecting more than 75 thousand people around the world, and sadly, it managed to take the life of 2,130 people. As the virus is spreading more wildly, it gives scientists a push to find a vaccine as soon as possible to put a stop to this disease.

The scientists who made the major breakthrough of the coronavirus are part of the University of Texas. Thanks to their efforts, we now have a map of the virus and more chances to find a cure faster.

Researchers achieved a major breakthrough in the struggle to create a coronavirus vaccine

The team of scientists from the University of Texas, created the map of the coronavirus to make the spike protein of the virus sick and by that saving the human host. This map will come in handy for all scientists around the world. They can all start the process of finding a cure as well as antiviral drugs to combat the virus.

“As soon as we knew this was a coronavirus, we felt we had to jump at it because we could be one of the first ones to get this structure,” said Jason McLellan, associate professor at UT Austin, who led the research. “We knew exactly what mutations to put into this because we’ve already shown these mutations work for a bunch of other coronaviruses.”

With the help of the Chinese experts who created a map of the genome sequence of the Covid-19, researchers at the University of Texas needed 12 days to finish their map. Now, we wait for the coronavirus vaccine.



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