Countries Start to Suspend Flights Coming From China Amid Coronavirus Fears

A man who didn’t feel good during a flight from Melbourne to Hobart has been examined by health representatives amid coronavirus concerns. The plane was put into isolation in the Hobart Airport for about three hours on Friday afternoon as doctors examined the passenger.

The fatal coronavirus was not very much suspected, but the man has been taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital for further investigations. The passenger has recently traveled to China, but he was not in Wuhan, where the pathogen outbreak was triggered, or the Hubei Province.

Tasmania’s Public Health Director Mark Veitch apologized to people on the flight for the delay, ‘but we are conscious of the need to take necessary and appropriate precautions given the current situation,’ he said in a statement.

Two other people have been assayed in Tasmania for coronavirus but were both cleared. The call comes as the Transport Workers Union (TWU) asked for the interruption of all direct flights from China amid the outbreak. The virus has claimed the lives of more than 250 people in China and infected over 11,000 people globally; the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak a public health emergency.

Countries Began Suspending Flights from China

The pathogen has dispersed to 18 other countries, including Australia, which has nine confirmed patients that were infected. China had suspended all flights from Wuhan last week, but the TWU now wants Mr. Morrison to interrupt all incoming flights from China.

The union’s national secretary, Michael Kaine, said that there is a high degree of uncertainty about the pathogen, and the ‘precautionary principle’ should be implemented.

“There has been a dearth of information from this federal government to airports and to airlines about what it is precisely they should do,” he stated on Friday. “There’s one thing that we can do, and one step that we could take and should take, and that is to cut off flights from the source of the virus.”

“We should take the lead here and stop flights into Australia from China right now,” Mr. Morrison added.

Airlines all over the world have suspended flights from mainland China, such as American Airlines and British Airways.

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