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Crawford Coal Caused Massive Air Pollution in Chicago

Photographers managed to immortalize the moment when an implosion occurred in Southwest Chicago, which caused a dense cloud of dust that covered the streets of Little Village and boosted air pollution.

The demolition of the Crawford Coal was captured on Saturday morning. The neighborhood situated in the vicinity of the plant was the star of this shooting. In that area, more than 268 have already been tested positive for the deadly coronavirus and the bad news does not cease to be released.

The alarmingly high risks that the air pollution may cause to inhabitants in that area are prone to increase the mortality of COVID-18. A local photographer has shared his experience while trying to capture the scenery. He declared that the air was unbreathable and because he did not have a mask, he needed to improvise to cover his face. Twenty minutes after the shots were taken and he safely isolated himself, his lungs and nose were still affected by the substances in the air.

Air Pollution Raised in Chicago, Due to the Recent Coal Explosion

The company was granted a permit by the Mayor Lori Lightfoot to demolish the coal plant. However, the CEO of the company is embarrassed about the unfortunate events that have occurred because of his actions. The Mayor has declared that the demolition was approved on a set of terms and conditions that, unfortunately, were not respected by the officials.

Therefore, the Mayor has been obvious regarding the implications that causing such harm to the environment and the inhabitants have. She stated that the CEO must personally take care of all those people affected by the company’s actions.

She even suggested going from door to door with specialized teams that would assess the level of damages. There are already inhabitants aiming to fill a class-action lawsuit against the officials of the Crawford Coal. This action was immature and raised the air pollution levels, given the situation with the coronavirus.



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