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Crysis Remastered For Nintendo Switch – Update 1.5.0 Goodies!

Crysis remastered received an update to Version 1.5.0 on the Nintendo Switch. The new update brings various improvements to many aspects of the game so that the quality is high as we like it.

The Updates

The patch notes of the new update start with a generic quote:

“Improved game performance in some areas.”

It appears that patch 1.5.0 is heavily focused on fixing bugs and issues.

Here is what the new update changes:

  • The issue where some story scripts would break when loading the game from a checkpoint was addressed.
  • The bug where the Gyroscope sensitivity wasn’t scaled down accordingly when the players used ADS was fixed.
  • The VTOL no longer arriving after loading from a checkpoint during a past objective (Exodus – Sphere) was also addressed.
  • The team also fixed the bug provoking problems with the lantern’s shadows at the end of the Rescue.
  • The bug where picking up a soldier made him entirely blue for a few seconds was also fixed.
  • Building textures not loading in are not a thing any more thanks to the new update.
  • The team addressed the bug that provoked fps drops during the final fight on Exodus – Sphere.

Finally, the team addressed shader issues that sometimes occurred when players grabbed items or objects.

We like how the developers worked hard to fix the multiple problems that plagued the game. Still, we are surprised that players experienced so many issues with a remastered game on the Nintendo Switch.

Thankfully, updates can always fix anything up.

Ensure that you get the update as soon as possible to benefit from all the goodies it has to offer!



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