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DayZ Update 1.19 Confirmed – What Is Fixed Now?

An update has been released this week for DayZ. It is released on PS4, PC, Xbox One and it is the 1.19 version of the game. This update was launched at the beginning of the week and the developers, Bohemia Interacve, have just made some news available on their website. The patch notes sure are impressive.

A bit earlier in 2020, Bohemia has warned its fans that the patches in 2020 would be oriented towards solving bugs, not towards adding new content to the game. Could that mean that DayZ is a dying game? Let’s hope not, but, until we know for sure, let’s look at the patch notes for this update.

The team of developers has made sure that they are commited to making the game more playable. The last three updates of the game all contain little changes made to the content, and a long, long list of bug fixes. Below you can find a list of all the bug fixes that you might be interested in and that might make your DayZ experience more pleasant.

Fixed: Potential server crashed have been taken care of.

Fixed: There is no longer an issue with stacking items in your inventory using the swap method

Fixed: There were some micro freezes caused by loading objects in the game. The problem occurred with cars, base objects and with tents, but it does not occur anymore

Changed: The sun shaft effect has been disabled for now

Changed: The ActionDrainLiquid and ActionPourLiquid have been replaced with ActionTransferLiquid, thus removing old actions from DayZ.

Bohemia has also been direct with its fans in their patch notes. They have explained that they would like to dedicate more of their time to each individual update, thus leaving bigger gaps between the updates. This will allow the team to prepare for the 5 game updates they have planned on all platforms.



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