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Destiny 2: Beyond Light; This Will Happen With the Season of Arrivals 

Bungie has officially made a statement about Season 11, and apparently, there’s also a new expansion coming our way. Destiny 2 will be present on the next-gen consoles.  

New things are coming for Destiny 2, and Bungie has big plans. They have teased us with Season 11 for quite the time, and they named it Season of Arrivals. There will be a Pyramid ship arriving, and it will bring with it a new story for the Beyond Light expansion. The ships were first teased during the end of Destiny 2, and they are probably suggesting the return of The Darkness – which, as you probably already know, is the enemy of the franchise.  

Season 11 will also come with a new dungeon, which is called Prophecy, and which allows players to get the new DAITO Foundry armor and the Trials of the Nine armor sets. There are also some new public events, and Messages of Darkness, in which players will find out more about the Pyramid ships. Of course, we’re getting new weapons, and season pass owners will get instant access to the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher and Seasonal armor set. Keep in mind that a Destiny 2 season pass has the price of 1,000 Silver in-game. That’s about £8.50.

Bungie has also talked about two other expansions, The Witch Queen, which will hit the market in 2021, and Lightfall, which will make its appearance in 2022. Now we don’t have much information about them, but we know for sure that they have no plans for a Destiny 3, and that, instead of getting us a sequel, they will focus on getting us new expansions.  

So when is the release date of The Beyond Light expansion? 

The Beyond Light expansion will be released on the 22nd of September, 2020.  




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