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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris: We’re Bound to Hear More About Bungie’s Plans Soon

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris will start today on Xbox One, PC and PS4, and soon we’ll find out what loot will be available for us. The event will begin on the 29th of May, and the rewards of this week are some of the last of the ones available in the current season. We won’t find out for sure from Bungie what the rewards are for Trials of Osiris, but we will find out more about the map as soon as everything goes online. 

Bungie stated: “Development of Destiny 2 continues, only we are all working from the safety of our homes. We have exciting news to share with you about our plans, but it won’t happen at some fancy convention under hot lights. Instead, we’ll use the Internet. “If you are familiar with the rituals and cycles that mark a year in the life of a Guardian, you must be curious as to when we’ll begin a conversation about what is next.” 

They continued with the fact that they did not choose a date, but that they will do it very soon. They’re very excited to deliver the news to us. 

Justin Truman, the director of the production, also made a statement saying that they are very committed to this game and that they want to tell us all about their plans, because the community is important to them. They said that they have stayed on this journey for quite the time and the reasons haven’t changed a bit. They want to build a world in which anyone can find its place, and in which anyone can feel powerful and where you can make new friends or connect with some old onesThen, he added that they cannot wait to continue to develop Destiny together with the fans and that, in 12 dayswe will find out more about what they’ve been working on lately. 



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