Diablo 4 Is Finally Announced, and It Will Be Dark

Blizzard recently announced the game Diablo 4 – just at this year’s BlizzCon Opening Ceremony, with a one of a kind trailer.

The trailer shows four warriors that are trying to break into a location – which reminds us of Mordor – when orcs push down. These four warriors pay a blood tribute, and suddenly a door opens, but only three of the four ones make it through. One of them says that there are fewer to split the treasure between. But joke’s on them – the guy left behind was actually the one that was behind all of it. his three “mates” are tribute for the return of Lilith.

The first thing that players will notice about Diablo 4 is that they are going to the darkest roots. This comes from the game director Luis Barriga, in a speech. It’s worth mentioning that he used a lot of the word “dark” in that speech.

Apparently, we are bound to see more of a certain Sanctuary, as Barriga said. Every monster from there and every faction will have a sense of place. There will also be some PvP zones. As we all remember, Diablo 3 didn’t have these PvP zones.

If you’ve been playing the games from this franchise for some time, and you know what’s all about, this is the best game from the series for you. we got to take a look at the first three classes – Druid, Barbarian and Sorceress.

We should also mention that right now, it is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The reveal of this game – the fourth game of the series – comes after the fans got disappointed last year with the Diablo Mobile debut. Fans were not happy and started backlashing it.

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