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DOOM Eternal Weapons – Best 2020 Tips And Tricks

DOOM Eternal was finally released for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia!

DOOM Eternal is a sequel to the 2016 reboot. The plot sounds simple – Players return to Earth to control a demonic invasion.

DOOM Eternal will feature the same gory gameplay that turned the franchise into such a big hit among fans.

The franchise is back with an even more consistent selection of environments and weapons.

Here are some of the most critical weapons in DOOM Eternal. Bethesda itself has made public the secrets and tips for each gun.

The Chainsaw

In most games that make you fight off an infinite legion of demonic enemies, you’d most likely fire a few rounds, duck, seek cover and perhaps fire again.

However, that is not the case with DOOM games. In DOOM Eternal, going low on ammo means that you’ll have to pull out the good old chainsaw and begin spraying the surrounding areas with the blood and guts of your in-game enemies.

Known as The Great Communicator, the chainsaw is a melee weapon that was featured in every single DOOM game. The chainsaw is a fearsome, ruthless way to mutilate your enemies.

The Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle is making a comeback in DOOM Eternal. It has been redesigned similarly with the original plasma gun from the first DOOM games.

It is an ideal weapon for crowd control, which is precisely what you are going to do for a vast majority of the time you spend in DOOM Eternal.

The Plasma Rifle can vaporize dozens of lesser demons with ease.

It has undergone minor modifications, like the Microwave Beam that can hit enemies with a focused beam of plasma energy until they spectacularly burst out.

The Heat Blast mod allows players to gain heat with every shot of the rifle and re-use it in their advantage to deal damage to enemies in immediate proximity.

The Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun comes equipped by default in the new DOOM game. It strongly resembles the shotgun from the 2016 DOOM, as it looks a lot like the Slayer.

It also gained attachments like sticky bombs that help players engage multiple threats simultaneously.

The Full Auto mode turns the shotgun into a Gatling-style gun that does humongous damage in a nearby radius if you don’t fancy taking things slowly. The regular ammo turns demons into clouds of blood after the satisfactory buckshot hits their faces.

The Heavy Cannon

The Heavy Cannon is a newly introduced, multi-purpose rifle that looks extremely promising.

Mods include Precision Bold that immensely boosts accuracy, granting one-shot for additional damage to a particular sensible spot so that players can dash through waves of enemies with ease.

The Heavy Cannon allows the Slayer to disarm some of his most powerful foes. Revenants can easily be parted from their precious rocket launchers, just like Arachnotrons will get their powerful cannons taken off.

The Heavy Cannon can also burst four consecutive shots and fire its six side-mounted micro missiles from either of its sides.

It’s one of the weapons from the more versatile side of Doom Eternal.

The Chaingun

The Chaingun is a rapid-firing, multi-barrel automatic weapon that deals massive damage excitingly. Sure, a chaingun doesn’t usually sound like a lovely thing, but because you are dealing with whole armies of demons, it’s beautiful by contrast.

The Chaingun is amazing at slaying big demons from medium to small range.

Its Mobile Turret mod adds four sets of barrels for increased firepower. An Energy Shield mod protects the Slayer from damage so he can keep fighting for an extended period.



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