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DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2020: Important Features

For many of the MOBA fans out there, The International will be one of the biggest tournaments of the current Pro Circuit yearBut did you also know that that that Battle Pass will be a part of that, topValve will give 25% of the proceeds of all the Battle Passes into The International prize pool. 

According to a message which was posted on the Twitter’s page of the game, the release date will take place on the 25th of May, 2020, on Monday. But we don’t know when Valve will share the big news just yet. 



Do you know what’s so satisfying in this game? Guilds. You can join the community of players, and you can always make sure that you get together with the right team on your way to the victory. Make sure you will work together in order to level up your guild, and that you win rewards for your teammates and for yourself. 

Keep in mind that every week your guild will have four challenges, and each one of them will unlock after completing another one. Make the team with 3+ other Guild mates in order to have your progress count. 

Daily Contracts

Make sure you claim a contract from the amazing daily objectives. If you do complete these objectives, you will get Guild Points for your mates and Battle Points for yourself. 

You might find something interesting in the labyrinth

There’s a four-player maze of mayhem and madness. Make sure you explore it with your friends and with your allies. You might find something unexpected. 



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