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Dragalia Event Brings New Features and Monster Hunter Stuff

A unique event-themed Dragalia Digest has been introduced recently, promising a lot of new and unexpected stuff. The event came with brand-new details about some things that will shortly appear to the game. Such an item will be introduced after the 1.15.1 version upgrade.

So, the Agito Uprising will appear to Dragalia Lost. The newest mode will arrive on 12/25. Bonuses and rewards from the Agito Uprising will be utilized to develop brand-new Agito Weapons. The items are said to come with a six-star rarity range.

The upgrade will also bring to some adventurers an extra sixth Mana Circle. The item will let them level up to 100 and awarding them some additional updates to their skills. Moreover, Mana Circle will introduce Cassandra, Aurien, Naveed, Karl, Ezelith, Alain, Xania, Botan, Euden, Aoi, Joe, and Renelle.

Dragalia Event Brings New Features and Monster Hunter Stuff

Prize Showcase will arrive on Christmas, letting players summon some unique prizes. Such things will bring rare items and other stuff, including Damascus Ingots, Sunlight Stones, Golden Keys, and many more. Players will also enjoy a daily free Tenfold Summon Event from December 25 to December 31.

There is a total amount of 80 free summons. Players are advised to plat unique quests from Cleo during this event. They could clean up some things around the Halidom and will get, too, rupies and other items. Hinomoto will allow players to earn some Lucky Letters, which will bring exclusive rewards.

The New Year’s raid event will introduce a new cast of characters and a new Raid Boss. The version 1.15.1 upgrade also includes some upcoming features, such as an adjustment to the shop’s design, the skill of changing teams when picking a co-op room. Moreover, players will enjoy an extra expert difficulty for Void Battles, and the ability to utilize the new auto-repeat option during facility events. Ultimately, the Goodie Box will be packed with 500 Wyrmite, 3 Champion’s Testaments, and 30,000 Eldwater.



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