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Dragon Quest XI’s Upcoming Luminary Figure Can be Pre-Ordered

Good Smile Company has rolled out another gaming-related Nendoroid action figure today, March 12th. The new addition is the Luminary from the popular Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, and it is already available to pre-order. The pre-orders can be set on the manufacturer’s online shop based in Tokyo, Japan, for $64, which equals 6,600 yen.

Dragon Quest XI is a high new standard for the franchise and depicts a classical Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) that can still be attractive and immersive for the modern age. It is a massive, sprawling JRPG that immerses you in its narrative right from the start, and all the way to the end.

The game is an amazing world to explore, and the franchise’s trademark sense of oddity leaks into every element of the title. Dragon Quest XI and its other builds, including Echoes of an Elusive Age, is a great JRPG for beginners, but it still has a lot of depth to keep longtime players hooked.

Luminary’s Release Date

The release window for the new addition, Luminary, is September 2020, and as we already got used. It comes with a nice pack of accessories. Here is the official description accompanying the images of Luminary released for the public.

“From DRAGON QUEST XI comes a Nendoroid of The Luminary! From the latest game in the DRAGON QUEST series, “DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age,” comes a Nendoroid of The Luminary! Two interchangeable faceplates are included–a standard expression and a smiling expression.”

It then continues: “The Cobblestone Sword, a sheathed version of the Cobblestone Sword that can be displayed on the Nendoroid’s back, the Sword of Light and Erdwin’s Shield are included as optional equipment parts along with a miniature figure of a Slime from the game. An effect part to display. The Luminary swinging his sword is also included. Enjoy recreating scenes from the game in Nendoroid form!”

For a bit of background in case you’re not familiar with the Nendoroid series, it is a category of super-distorted figures created by Good Smile Company. These figures have become incredibly popular, and many fans now use the name of the series as the definition for all chibi figurines.



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