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DuckDuckGo 5.50.1 Update Comes With Additions and Improvements

DuckDuckGo​ is a search engine that focuses on protecting users’ privacy and avoids the filter system of personalized results. The browser is unique because it doesn’t profile its users and doesn’t track them.

The app offers the privacy essentials you’d need to smoothly take control of your personal
data as you search and browse the web.

DuckDuckGo​’s Highlight Features

The search engine provides users with special privacy protection that blocks all the hidden third-party trackers, identifying all the major advertising networks that have been tracking users over time so you can know who’s trying to track you.

DuckDuckGo​ also forces websites to use an encrypted connection anywhere they can, which protects your information from snoopers, such as ISPs. It allows you to share your personal data like financial, medical, and political information without ever tracking you.

Moreover, the search engine also allows you to decode privacy policies. The developers have a collaboration with Terms of Service Didn’t Read in order to include their scores and labels of site terms of service and privacy policies anywhere they can.

As you go on searching and browsing, the app shows you a Privacy Grade rating when entering a website, from A to F. This rating allows you to see the level of protection you’re at, discover more details about the trackers caught by the browser’s systems, and learn how the underlying website’s privacy measures were improved.

DuckDuckGo​ offers regular browsing functionality, such as tabs, bookmarks, and autocomplete. Besides the steady and strong Privacy Protection system, it also features a Fire Button that enables you to clear all the tabs and data with a single tap.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.50.1 Update

The browser receives updates on a regular basis. The latest build, DuckDuckGo 5.50.1 update, comes with a download confirmation dialog, a handful of bug fixes, and enhancements.



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