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Dust Clouds Are Orbiting the Center of Milky Way, and They Are so Weird

There’s a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, and scientists named it gr A*. It has over the 4 million times the mass of the Sun. However, it is not the only one. There are many things out there which orbit the black hole, such as gas, stars, and even dust. In time, we are able to see these objects move, attracted by the gravity of Sgr A*. These movements have told us a lot about the black hole.

There are also other objects there, and they have been recently discovered, but it’s not entirely clear what they are. If the astronomers are right, they are the weirdest objects in the galaxy. They are binary stars which, controlled by the black hole, merged and became something totally different. They are single stars, but they are odd ones.

The first object is called G1, and it was discovered back in 2005. The second one is called G2, and it was found back in 2012. Initially, they looked like clouds made out of dust. However, in 2014, G2 passed close to the black hole – close enough that it could have been destroyed. But it survived. Astronomers believe that it was a cloud of dust that surrounded a star and that the gravity of the star kept the cloud safe. This is where the research shows its details. By making the most out of the Keck 10-meter infrared telescope, the scientists found four more objects that are orbiting the supermassive black hole, and they look very similar to the first two.

Just like the first two, they seem to be clouds made of dust, and it appears that they emit light that’s characteristic of these things. They also seem to have hydrogen gas in their composition that glows in the infrared light at a specific wavelength.



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