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Dying Light 2 Seems to be Permanently Delayed

It appears that developers are not ready for their most significant release so far. Another Square Enish game is encountering an issue. Dying Light 2 got delayed indefinitely to let developers work more at it and extend their vision.

Dying Light 2 Seems to be Permanently Delayed

We don’t know for sure what brought such bad news, but Techland promises to release more information soon. There are, however, some discussed things noted as possible factors. For example, the spread range of Dying Light 2 could have a vital role. The gameplay and environment can vary a lot based on players’ actions, and that’s for sure no little request to perform.

Such long delays can also flag a wish to modify game mechanics very much. Surely, Square Enix and Techland have to take into account the timing of next-gen consoles. There are only a few months until Spring 2020 from the releases of both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

While we didn’t receive the guarantee of a whole optimized variant of Dying Light 2 for those consoles, it might be a reason why we wait so much for the game’s launch. Let’s remember how back in 2015, on the first installment of the game, developers faced a similar issue, due to hardware limitations.

Dying Light Series So Far

Dying Light was introduced back in 2015 as an open-world, horror action-adventure game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Techland. The game came as available for PS4, Xbox One, Windows, and Linux.

Players get to know Kyle Crane, an undercover agent, who is part of a daring mission. He must enter a quarantine region and fight the calamities he encounters. The area is an open-world city, dubbed Harran, with an active day and night cycle. As the players ventured mored in the city’s core, they learned zombies are not that easy to survive and fight.



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