EA Could Have Hinted to The Sims 5 Development

​More than five years have passed since EA and Maxis have launched the latest installment of The Sims game series. This explains why, in spite of the developers’ low profile regarding their plans, fans of the life simulation title are continually looking for clues about The Sims 5.

The chance has most probably already happened during EA’s Q3 2020 financial report meeting where CEO Andrew Wilson seems to have hinted one of the intends for The Sims 5. If it, indeed, was a confirmation, the next title could focus on online and multiplayer functionalities.

The Sims Online Might Hint to the Next Sequel

When asked about the possibility of bringing gameplay features from The Sims Online, launched back in 2002, into the next installment, EA CEO Andrew Wilson offered fans a rather positive perspective, which started rumors on what gameplay features could be included into The Sims 5. The question came as Facebook preparing to launch a VR multiplayer game known as Horizons.

“Maxis continues to think about The Sims for a new generation across platforms in a cloud-enabled world,” Wilson said.

He added that the highlights of The Sims Online, which were virtual social interaction and competition, is planned to be brought again in future sequels of the franchise. Therefore, it is not that far-fetched to wish that online and massive multiplayer gaming will be some of the most impressive surprises planned for the fifth installment of The Sims.

Developers Are Still Quiet About the Game

Wilson’s note of the ‘new generation’ of games, clearly, does not indicate The Sims 5 in particular. However, EA and Maxis are still keeping a low profile regarding their official plans for the next installment. This could also mean that they still have more content planned for The Sims 4.

Currently, it is worth noting that EA does plan to continue the life simulation video game series in the following years. However, it is not a stretch to wish that Wilson’s reference to the ‘new generation’ of The Sims games would soon get us to official releases about The Sims 5.

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