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EA Is Focusing Now on Its Present Games and Here’s Why 

We know everything so far about EA’s quarterly earnings from last year, and it’s all thanks to the games they published as “live services.”. we are talking about the ones that are constantly updated in order to keep people interested in games, and keep playing them longer, and also paying for additional content and expansions.

This also includes Anthem, which the company didn’t find success with. But the company also released Apex Legends, which right now has over 70 million players, just as Ultimate Team features on FIFA, the NHL games, and Madden.

The Sims 4 had a monthly average of players of about 40% from last year, so their plan to make it available for free earlier was a good one. The series of games now is registered for more than $5 billion. The EA Access package also came to Steam on PC, too, after the CEO said that launching the game on PS4 grew the subscriber base with a lot.

EA thinks of engagement as a significant measure of success, which means that future games will keep players linked.

Earlier this year, we also learned that Apex Legends will also get a mobile version and that it will be launched in China. There’s also a competitive gaming program, but we don’t know much so far. Soon we’ll get more info about it.

Right now, the company focuses on the content of the existing game – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Battlefield V’s Pacific Theater, and season three of Apex. There’s a new Battlefield game that is set to hit the gaming world in the 2022 fiscal year, which means that it would be perfect for the next-gen consoles. Other than unannounced brand new games and IP, that’s all we have so far.





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