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Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor; Learn These Aspects Behind the Expansion

The Elder Scrolls online Greymoor expansion is already out for Mac and PC. However, it will also come to Xbox One and PS4 this weekend. Greymoor comes with Western Skyrim, which makes it possible to get new tasks and quest and new features, as well. You can get the Greymoor main questline by going to your Collections UI, then to Stories, and then to Chapters.  

You’ll get access to the “The Gathering Storm” quest. The Greymoor Prologue is also available for all the Elder Scrolls Online players. 

The Greymoor expansion unlocks not only Western Skyrim, but also Blackreach, and a brand new gothic main storyline, which comes with an ancient supernatural threat, called Antiquities, with new item sets and Achievements.  

The description reads: “An ancient evil rises from beneath Western Skyrim, and monsters prey upon the local Nords, bringing ruin and horror to all they touch. “Greymoor features a grim main storyline of a kingdom under siege from a supernatural threat, but it is also part of a larger adventure, called The Dark Heart of Skyrim, that began with the Harrowstorm DLC in February and continues throughout 2020. 

The description continues with the fact that you must investigate the darkness that threatens the Nords of Western Skyrim. The people of Western Skyrim have to deal with monsters that come from its darkest reaches, and also werewolves and vampires. Witches? Also, check. Yes, they conduct life-draining rituals. 

So when is the release date? 

Zenimax has changed the official release date for the console for the Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor due to the protests now in America and out of respect for George Floyd. The new release date has been set for the 10th of June, 2020. 





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