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Electric Car Manufacturers Expected To Develop Wireless Chargers Soon

Electric car manufacturers are expected to launch a new feature for charging cars. A wireless charger could be the answer for electric vehicles, according to a report from CNET. Such chargers would work similarly to the way wireless smartphone chargers do.

If such a concept reaches the drawing board, we could quickly charge our cars by putting them on top of the pad. No need for plugging a single thing. As daring as it might sound, it is indeed an innovative idea and design. A car’s process of charging would be less stressful (if there is like that for some of us) and faster.

Also, we won’t have to observe any cut-outs on the car, as manufacturers would choose an under-built system of charging, hard to notice it. The design of vehicles could be easily be enhanced by following such a concept. Not that is a bother, but a bump-less, notch-less aspect of a car would be more likable.

The Future of Electric Cars is the Wireless Charger

The aim is to make it easier as possible for owners to charge their electric cars and to systematize future wireless charging places both at home and in public. To reach that, the Society of Automotive Engineers developed a standard (SAE J2954) that is currently in its last phase of progress, as CNET reported.

BMW, for example, is the German manufacturer who decided to go the wireless way, and it has already displayed a charging tray that users can put on the floor of their garage. So, when their car shuts off the ignition, the tray begins the charging process automatically.

We don’t have the guarantee currently of wireless charging, but such a project could be soon adopted worldwide. Communities will have to be convinced to develop as well some extra costs public wireless charging points,



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