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Eleven Coronavirus Cases Have Been Diagnosed in the US

Health officials have confirmed that a couple from Southern California was infected by the coronavirus after the husband visited Wuhan, the center of the ongoing epidemic.

The couple has not left their home since the husband came back from China, and it appears that this was a case of person-to-person transmission. Both the male and the female are 57 years old. This diagnostic brings the number of confirmed cases to eleven after a woman from the San Francisco Bay Area started to feature symptoms after a visit to China, becoming the ninth case recorded in the US.

Before arriving in the US to visit her family, the woman also went to Wuhan. She remained at home most of the time, with the exception of two visits to the doctor to receive medical care. Her state has been stable and doctors have determined that there is no need to hospitalize her.

Eleven Coronavirus Cases Have Been Diagnosed in the US

It was also mentioned that the members of the woman’s family had been quarantined at home, with the health department bring necessary groceries at their house. Since many US residents travel to China for business or pleasure, it is thought that the number of cases will continue to increase.

A previous case diagnosed in the Bay area involved a man who visited Wuhan and Shanghai before returning to California. After he came home, symptoms started to appear. He decided to quarantine himself at home and the severity of the symptoms was low. He received outpatient care two times per week when he visited a local clinic and a hospital.

Public health authorities have tried to contact people who interacted with the man to determine if the infection spread and the persons will have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Approximately 200 American citizens who were evacuated from Wuhan are also under quarantine at a military base located near Los Angeles.



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