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End of Days — NASA Admits That An Asteroid Impact Could Bring The Sixth Extinction In The Future

It is believed that dinosaurs cease to exists due to an enormous asteroid impact billion years ago. According to NASA, the history might repeat, bringing the sixth extinction. NASA has raised red flags regarding a similar asteroid to the one that ended the Mesozoic Era.

There is a possibility of it to collide with our planet. Every year, the large space rock is a threat to humanity as there is a 0.000001 chance that this asteroid could collide with Earth’s surface.

An Asteroid Impact Will Bring The End Of Days, NASA Admitted

NASA experts are keeping an open eye for the Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) that could enter the Earth’s neighborhood. Based on the chance that this giant asteroid could hit our planet, experts have calculated and managed to find out that it won’t approach the Earth for about 100 years from now on.

Any small asteroids less than 10 meters could enter our atmosphere and hit our blu planet without causing any damages, said the planetary mavens and researchers. The chances are that the giant space rock will either fall over the sea or colliding on large size of land. The percentages show 70% that the asteroid will fall over the sea and only 25% that it will crash on a large piece of land.

The Analogy With Shoemaker-Levy 97

Looking at a similar situation, take the Shoemaker-Levy 97 asteroid that collided with Jupiter in 1992, for example. It Shoemaker-Levy 97 was to hit our planet, it will have the same effect as the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs, only, in this case, the demise would be all of us.

NASA may have in plan to build anew advanced telescope that will hunt all NEOs that could pose a threat to humanity. The planetary science advisory committee has launched a Close to-Earth Object Surveillance Challenge in which scientists, with the help of NASA’s California based entirely at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, could get licensed for this undertaking in September.



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