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Epic Games Store Allows You to Refund Any Game You’ve Purchased

Epic Games has just updated its refund policy for all EGS purchases, which allows you to return any game you bought from their store within 14 days if you have no more than two hours played.

To start a new self-refund, you have to sign in to your account and choose the ‘Account’ dropdown option. Next, click on the ‘Transactions’ tab and select the game you would like to return. If the game matches the Epic Games Store’s refund requirements, a ‘Refund’ button will appear next to it. Click on that option to begin the process of the self-service refund.

There are a number of conditions to the policy, though. Besides the above requirements, the 14-day ownership, and no more than two hours of play, you must not have been banned in the game or have breached any other Terms of Service.

Epic Games Store’s Refund Policy is Similar to Steam’s

Obviously, the refunds are up to the judgment of Epic Games. This means that if Epic determines you are misusing the refund policy, you will now be allowed to complete the transaction. All refunds will be taken back to the method of payment, which means that timing on when refunds will be received depends on the method of payment.

The Epic Games Store self-service refund is similar to Steam’s return policy, whose requirements are almost the same. In order to initiate a refund on Steam, you must not have purchased the game for more than 14 days and played more than two hours. Also, if you’ve been banned in the game, you’ll not be able to return it.

In the meantime, the latest free Epic Games Store title is Rockstar Games‘ incredibly successful Grand Theft Auto V. the open-world action-adventure title will be available to get for free until May 21st when a new game will take its place.



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