Epic Games Store Users Were Not Able to Download Any Free Game From the Site

The Epic Games Store users got a lot of error messages recently. It all started with the launch of the GTA 5 free download promo. Not only were the servers down, but users got error messages almost all the time. The offer went live on the 14th of May, on Thursday, and many people wanted to claim the deal. As a result of this, the servers were down, and they showed the Error 500 message. The servers were down for a lot of hours, and, in the following days, there appeared other issues, as well.

The day after the offer went live, users got a specific error message, saying that they are not able to download any other free game from the site. And Epic Games is here to solve the problem. They posted on Twitter that: “We’re aware that some users are encountering the following error message on the Epic Games Store: ‘Your account is unable to download any more free games at this time.’ If you receive this error, please wait 24 hours. You should then be able to proceed with downloading the game.”

We then have heard that users got the MD-0011 message as well. The company stated that they are aware that players got the MD-0011 error for some of the titles. They also said that they were working on a solution and that they will come with an update soon. They managed to solve it in just a few hours, so if something like this happens again, we know the company has our backs.

The GTA 5 free deal was launched together with the latest Mega Sale on Thursday, so we understand why people got on the site as soon as possible. The deal saved users a lot of money on Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, and The Outer Worlds.

Keep in mind that the GTA 5 offer stands until the 21st of May.




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