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Epic Games Teases Fortnite’s Season 4 Event in Unique Way

There seems to be life for Fortnite even without support from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. The fourth season of the game is approaching fast, and it should arrive for the players in less than a week if nothing gets in the way. The event will bring Marvel heroes to the legendary battle royale game, which means that we can expect to fight our way as becoming the last man standing while controlling characters like Thor or X-Men. What Fornite fan wouldn’t possibly wish to punish his opponents by using Thor’s hammer?

But surely there is a lot more to learn about the upcoming Season 4 of Fortnite, and that’s where leaks from Epic Games come in handy.

Will Marvel characters be adapted to Fortnite’s storyline?

This is a major concern of many Fortnite gamers, but luckily enough, there is plenty of hope for a suitable unfolding of events. Donald Mustard, the creative director of the game, suggests to the public within a Tweet that everything is still connected:

Fortnite was recently removed from both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, and at least one of the explanations was that the developer Epic Games was violating some guidelines and has used its own payment system. However, the good news is that Fortnite is pretty much the same game on the rest of the platforms as it is for Android and iOS. The battle royale title is also available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and the Classic Mac OS.

Giving the upcoming arrival of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X by the end of the year and the fact that both consoles offer backward compatibility for previous consoles, we can expect Fortnite to be running also on those next-generation gears.



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