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Epic Swim Under East Antarctic Glacier

It is no longer a secret that the ice shelf around the world is melting. Lewis Pugh, an endurance swimmer and UN Patron of the Oceans, sheds light on that by swimming in the icy water under the East Antarctic glaciers.

Pugh is part of a campaign that has the main goal to draw attention to vulnerable ecosystems around the world. And by the looks of it, the ice shelf in the East Antarctic is getting more and more sensitive. The campaigner has completed a one-kilometer swim under the icy water managing to achieve the goal of his campaign.

Epic Swim Under East Antarctic Glacier

“Antarctica is melting,” said the campaigner. “Everywhere I looked, there was water rushing off the ice sheet, carving long ravines deep into the ice sheet, or pooling into supraglacial lakes.”

Antarctica’s ecosystems are regressing, and people need to open their eyes and see the issue for what it is and take corrective actions. “This place needs protecting,” he adds. “It needs protection because all our futures depend on it.”

The brave swimmer Lewis Pugh has swum one kilometer under -15 C, in a river flowing through an ice tunnel formed as a consequence of the ice sheet melting. To make his achievement even more memorable, he completed his goal on the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica.

Antarctica is the coldest place on our planet, and it was discovered 200 years ago by the Russian explorer Admiral Bellingshausen.

Pugh’s Campaign Details

The campaigner’s swim in the East Antarctic river is part of a bigger picture to secure a series of Marine Protected Areas throughout the continent. Although Antarctica has one of these zones, in the Ross Sea, Pugh wants all the seas surrounding the mainland to be part of the protected regions to spread awareness about the effects of climate change.

“What is very clear to us from the science is that we now need to create a network of marine protected areas around Antarctica,” says Pugh. “It’s an amazing place.”



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