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Facebook Beta Addresses Issues And Improves Stability

Facebook is the most used social network of all time.

Millions of people depend on it to stay in touch with their friends each day by sharing updates, photos and interacting with persons and pages while also exploring vast, dedicated communities.

These are the main reasons why Facebook is so popular:

It lets people get status updates and use designated emojis to help them express what is going on in their lives.

With the social network, sharing media and memories is easier and quicker than ever.

Facebook notifies users when friends interact with their posts (likes and comments).

Facebook progressed so much that it even has a built-in marketplace where people can post articles for sale and look for other goods they fancy.

Facebook is good at helping users kill some spare time with the games that it hosts. Thanks to the enormous number of users the network has, you can play against most (if not all) your friends (or team up with team) or compare stats and progression!

There are Facebook pages about local businesses and famous places and reviews from users so you can easily!

One of the newest features is the live stream mode – users can start a live video stream whenever and wherever they like, as long as they have a reliable connection to the internet.

Current Version

Facebook is available on billions of mobile devices. It must run smoothly on all of them, so developers have to release periodic updates.

The app reached version Beta.

Each new version adds extra reliability to the app or new features.

You should keep your Facebook app updated at all times. Among others, some updates introduce new security fixes that are essential for a better experience.



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